Class Timetable


20:00 – 21:00 Dynamic Flow – West Norwood Leisure Centre

Class Descriptions

Slower Flow – a mixed ability class, but at a slower pace. Working on strength, cardio and flexibility. Warming up through variations of Sun Salutations before moving on to strength and flexibility postures. Classes follow a weekly theme and all end with time to rest and restore. All classes offer lots of options for people to work at their own level.  (Paid Class)

Dynamic Flow – a fast paced class aimed at intermediate to advanced practitioners, although anyone is welcome. Taking postures to deeper expressions and working on arm balances as well as other poses that are less accessible during a Slower Flow class (Paid Class)

Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Breathwork – a class working on different areas of yoga to a physical practice. Learning to sit through breathing practices and guided meditations, to become more aware of your own body and limitations. This class will help you to deepen your physical yoga practice. Yoga Nidra is often used to help treat difficulties with PTSD, Depression and Insomnia. (Free Class)