Christmas is Coming!

This time of year is often one of the hardest times to keep fit. Especially as the weather gets super cold for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. Even though I love winter, a big part of me just wants to hibernate until summer! But for everyone, as the festive season brings parties, get-togethers, and more food than you could possibly eat, it really is a tough time of year on our health.

With December being choc-a-bloc with socialising, we often struggle to find the time to get to our regular classes as we choose other things over them and to keep to our normal diets. So how do we stay fit and healthy in this manic season?

1. Be Sensible with Foodchristmas-dinner

If you know that every dinner from now until the new year is going to be an art of overindulgence, then be aware of what you can control. A small breakfast and a light lunch are often a good way to start.

Have the second helping at dinner, but maybe not of dessert. Or choose the lighter option if there is one. I’m not suggesting you take the fun out of the festive chaos, just that you find a balance so that when January rolls around you don’t feel like you’ve gained a million pounds.

downloadPersonally my weakness is the abundance of chocolates that seem to appear the minute 1st December hits. And don’t forget the mulled wine!

2. Get your exercise where you can

Our schedules don’t always allow us to be able to keep to the classes/ activities we normally do during the year. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your exercise in other ways.

dance-party-1280x800Some small things you can do: Climb the stairs instead of taking the lift. Walk to the station instead of catching the bus. Get up from your desk and go for a walk. Get on the dance floor at your work Christmas Party! All these small things add up and if you still manage to get in a run, or go to a class then that’s just the icing on top.

Slightly bigger things that don’t involve going to gym/class: Get the family outside for a country walk; the exercise in the cold air will up your heart rate quickly burning more than you realise. Go to a Christmas Market or do your Christmas shopping in person rather than online; all the walking adds up!

And if you are a yogi who is confident doing self practice, getting in even a 15min session wherever you are is worth it to keep your body moving.

3. Enjoy the Season

When we’re happy we tend to stay healthy naturally. Find joy in small things. Exploring the Christmas lights, playing in the snow (if you’re lucky to have some already) or enjoy the beach is you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. Have fun wrapping presents and celebrating with friends. Laughter is great for the spirit but also for those tummy muscles!

Love, Laugh and Enjoy your December where ever you are in the world




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