Self Care Sundays

We are very excited to host the first of our Self Care Sunday Workshops!! 

This months theme is Rest & Rejuvenation!  

December is always a notoriously busy month at the end of a very busy year!  This workshop has been thoughtfully put together to provide you with an opportunity to give yourself space and time to deeply relax and replenish. 

Join Emma & Laura for a movement, sound and meditation journey to leave your mind, body and soul feeling deeply relaxed, rested and rejuvenated. 

Your nourishing afternoon will included:

Vinyasa Slow Flow Yoga with Laura. A flowing meditative practice at a slower and more relaxing pace. Connecting the breath to movement to gently warm the body, releasing tension and soothing the nervous system. Moving into restorative postures each held for a few minutes to give deeper relaxation.

Yoga Nidra with Emma. Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness, between sleep and awakeness. It is complete relaxation of the body, and while the mind stays awake it too is truly rested and restored.  1 hour of Yoga Nidra can be the same as 4 hours of really good sleep! 

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Bath with Laura. A sound journey to restore and rebalance the vibrational frequency in the cells, tissues and organs of your whole body, encouraging equilibrium and homeostasis.

As with Yoga Nidra, sound healing entrains the brain to move from Beta brainwaves, our normal waking state to Theta brainwaves that are dominant in deep mediation. It is in theta that our senses withdraw from the external world and focus within.

Join us Sunday 8th December 2019

2.30pm – 5.30pm 


Booking is essential as spaces are limited.

Crow and Headstand Workshop

(Bakasana & Salamba Sirsasana)

A 2.5hr workshop focusing on the dynamics, restrictions, tips and tricks for getting into both Crow and Headstands

The workshop will be divided into two sections. The first focusing on Crow and the second, Headstands. For both of these inversions we will go into detail on the dynamics of the pose before doing an asana class to warm up and work the joints and muscles most needed to get into the pose and then dedicating some specific time to practicing getting into the both Crow and Headstands.

As it is a workshop, there will be time for discussion and questions between the sections and a handout for you to take home with you.

Cost: £30 per person

There are only a few spaces so get your space before they all sell out!

Detox Yoga Workshop

A 2.5hr workshop focusing on detoxing the body and mind.

The perfect start to the year, helping the body come back to life after the Christmas and New Years Seasons!

This workshop will focus on a Dynamic Flow class concentrating on twists and inversions to help the body detox, as well as sharing some Ayurvedic and Yoga Philosophy knowledge to help combat the dreary wintery days.

We will start the morning off with a 1 hour dynamic flow yoga session. Working through poses that help to energise and refresh the body. Massaging the internal organs and working through a full body detox. After a small break, we will move on to talking about how we detox the body at home and ongoing. How Ayurvedic principles can be applied and other techniques that can be used.

Ending the workshop with an extended Savasana to give the body the time and space to recover from working on these challenging poses.

This is a very popular workshop at this time of year so get your space before they all sell out