Restorative Workshops

A great way to de-stress as you prepare for a new season, whether it’s the start of summer holidays or preparing for Christmas madness.  Learn great breathing practices and tactics to help combat daily stresses, as well as letting go with deep relaxing poses to really get into those hard to reach muscles.

We will start with Pranayama (Breathing Techniques). Looking at the different types of breathing practices, their benefits and how to integrate them into our daily lives. Moving onto a short, guided Meditation. This helps to show the difference between the calm mental state good breathing practices can achieve as well as the benefits of full Meditation.

For the last hour and half of the class we have a Restorative/Yin Yoga class where we will work on a few poses that work deeply into the joints and muscles without much work from the body. This is achieved by using bolsters and blocks to allow the body the time and space to settle into each pose and to take advantage of the restful mindset established in the first half of the workshop. The session will round off with a Mini Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep). This is a deeper, more restful version as well as a combination of both Meditation and Savasana and is deeply beneficial to both the body and mind.

The workshop will be divided into two sections. The first focusing on Crow and the second, Headstands. For both of these inversions we will go into detail on the dynamics of the pose before doing an asana class to warm up and work the joints and muscles most needed to get into the pose and then dedicating some specific time to practicing getting into the both Crow and Headstands.

As it is a workshop, there will be time for discussion and questions between the sections and a handout for you to take home with you.

The next date is Sunday 26th April 2020

10:00 – 12:30

Cost: £30 per person

There are only a few spaces so get your space before they all sell out!