Reflections on a One Year Old

This last week, our toddler turned one. It is incredible how quickly the time passes from this tiny child who was completely dependent and quite frankly a little useless to a little terror who charges around the place and who definitely has strong opinions and desires even though she can’t quite speak yet.

Two years ago I had no idea how completely my life would change. I was a focused career woman with a set schedule and a road map to being CEO. In my 5inch heels and corporate world, I couldn’t imagine the chaos a child would bring.IMG-20160807-WA0018

Fast forward two years and there’s no schedule. I am now a part time yoga teacher and full time mom. My goals revolve around getting a full nights sleep, or being able to get out the house with toddler in tow, fully dressed and with teeth brushed in under an hour. I wear trainers – no heels in sight. And the plan is to not plan, otherwise the entire household becomes stressed out.

Over the last year, I have never been more tired mentally, physically and emotionally but at the same time I have never smiled as much. It has truly been a rollercoaster of a trip.

Most mom’s will tell you that motherhood is hard. Harder than any 9-5 job you’ve ever done. Especially because it doesn’t stop at the end of the work day. You need to be firing on all cylinders at all times of the day, there are no sick days or bank holidays. Thankfully I have a fantastic husband and partner who really is in this 50:50 with me and who has taken over nighttime feedings and full weekend with Faye while I did my Yoga Teacher Training earlier this year. He is supportive and willing to help out whenever I need an extra hand. Even with all this support and help I fall into bed most days feeling like I’ve done an Iron Man!

The things I’ve learnt over the last year, that help me to stay grounded and keep me from going slightly insane:

  • Routines are theoretical; every day will be different
  • Everything is normal in pregnancy and for a baby, when they start teething, crawling, walking is all dependent on that particular child
  • You will never have a hot cup of tea again, accept it and start drinking iced tea
  • Mess, it is never ending. Don’t worry about it. It’s more important that you and the baby are happy, fed and warm than that the dishes are done or the house vaccuumed
  • Leaving the house means preparing for WW3, you will never travel light again
  • Brushing teeth and hair, wearing make-up or even getting dressed becomes optional, most of the time people don’t notice anyway
  • Taking time for yourself is crucial

Here’s hoping that the next year is filled with as many amazing memories, but that it becomes easier!

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