Private Classes

Private Classes are a great way to explore Yoga. With personalised classes that are tailored to your needs and one to one attention these classes are great for:

  • Anyone new to yoga who doesn’t have the confidence to join a group class
  • Someone whose schedule doesn’t allow time to go to group classes and needs the class brought to them
  • Anyone with injuries/ specific problems that mean they are nervous attending a group class
  • Anyone who wants to concentrate on one aspect of their practice

The other benefits of a private class are:

  • The class happens in your home so no need to travel to a studio
  • The class is set for a time that works for you so you can work around your current schedule

Whether you are looking for an individual once off class, an ongoing booking or something for a group please CONTACT ME for more information

Booking Conditions

*I have a 24hr cancellation policy. The fee for the class needs to be paid at least 24 hours before the class unless otherwise arranged. Any class cancelled with less than 24 hours notice forfeits the class fee.

*Private classes are only for the individual client unless arranged as a private group class.

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