New Year – New You

It’s January, most of us have now resolved to be better, fitter and healthier in the coming year. We’ve started detoxing; maybe having a dry January or following the current trend to go fully Vegan for a month. We’ve joined gyms and started new fitness regimes. Maybe thrown out all the junk food and resolved to watch less TV.

New year’s automatically bring with them new expectations, goals and resolutions. However, most of us set unrealistic expectations of ourselves, creating resolutions that we know we won’t or can’t fulfill. This is both frustrating and taxing as the year progresses and can often leave us feeling despondent about not reaching our goals.

Take a moment before the year ramps up and you get stuck back into the day to day chaos to really review whether the goals you set yourself are realistic. Remember, that if you achieve them you will feel fulfilled and then you can always set a new goal. You don’t have to wait for a new year.

If your resolutions are aimed at an ideal, rather than making you happy then it becomes even harder to maintain and achieve them. Ensure that you are resolving to do something for the right reasons.

Personally, this year I have decided to not set any difficult resolutions or goals. I’ve rather decided to follow the below Mantra

Appreciate the small things; Be happy in the simple delights; Accept the unchangeable

Whatever you decide for the year, be Happy!


2 thoughts on “New Year – New You”

  1. I couldn’t agree more about trying to not set unrealistic new “rules.”
    I have new “directions” that I have decided to pursue – new Colours that I intend to intensify throughout the year if they work for me in January.
    I think your goals are good ones!

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