Class Etiquette

In order to ensure a great class for everyone involved, please review the below list


  • Arrive 5min before the class starts
  • Bring something to drink
  • Bring something warm for Savasana; this could be a shawl, jumper or blanket whatever makes you feel happy
  • Bring your own mat if you are more comfortable using it than a studio one
  • Leave your shoes at the door
  • Wear appropriate clothing; remember that you will be stretching, gym clothing is often best
  • Be quiet and mindful of others during class


  • Arrive more than 5min late for a class; you will distrupt everyone and miss the warm-up meaning it will be difficult for you to practice
  • Leave before the end of the class; if you have to leave early, let me know at the beginning of the class so that I can tailor an early ending for you to ensure you get the benefits of a cool down and savasana

If in doubt,¬†Contact Me¬†and I’ll be happy to answer any questions