About Me

My yoga journey started with me wanting to be more flexible and as something to do together with my normal gym routine. That journey has taken me through many years of self discovery to a place where yoga has become a lifestyle and not just a sport. One that guides and supports me both mentally and physically. Where Asana, Ayurveda, Meditation and Yogic philosophy are guides to my outlook and practice.

I want to share that journey and the joy it brings me with others, through my classes and workshops but also through my blog. Sharing the joys and challenges of being a mom and integrating this into a healthy yogic lifestyle.

I have also taken my many years in the corporate world as a supply chain expert to bring sustainable printed mats to the UK. Having a beautiful mat is often half the war won with oneself in finding a daily practice, as the mat will often draw you in just for 15 minutes which often turns into a full hours practice of Asana

I will hopefully see you on one of my mats soon at a class, workshop or 1-2-1 but if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to Contact Me anytime.